We sell different types of coal: pea coal, eco-pea coal, nut coal, cube coal and middling coal as well as pea coal imported from the Czech Republic.

We pack coal in polythene sacks – 25 kilos (on customer’s request -also folic sacks). You can also get an information about the origin and the parametres of offered coal from our employees.

We supply fuel (coal) to individual customers, but also wholesale customers.

We owe transport of capacity from 2 to 25 tones.

We deliver coal within 20 kilometres for free (when you purchase 1 tone).

We import coal from the best mines in the Czech Republic- Most-Komorany Mine and oraz Ledvice Mine. It is the major heating material used in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Due to the price which is lower than hard coal, it commands our customers’ interest. As a fuel it is used in ductings adapted only into hard coal- old type and modern.

Thanks to null sinterability, it fully incinerates without leaving any sintering, slag or stones, it leaves only ash.

The most popular Czech coal in Poland is pea coal. Its popularity is conencted with its high-quality and price which is lower than Polish eco-pea coal.